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May 5, 2009

When It’s Food, It’s Not Fraud

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Being a novice calorie counter, I have just recently been looking at food packaging. I see the Melba Toast by Devonsheer at Costco and pick up the package. Serving size 3 pieces … 60 calories per serving, 5 of which are from fat. Not bad for a snack food. So I get them.

Later on I’m eating one from their nice little cellophane packets and notice that the packets are wrapped with 5 toasts in them. That’s not right. So, I ask my wife. She says that this doesn’t surprise her. I asked how is this not fraud, especially when it is used as a selection criteria. She says they do it all the time in food to compete on calories.

What! That is a valid reason to defraud someone? For a second, I am ready to get on my high horse and right this wrong to mankind … but then, I realize, I don’t know which way to ride when it is everyone that is at fault. So, I do like everyone else and say, “When it’s food. It’s not Fraud”. There must be a way to move this legislative immunity over to other areas … can we bury a chip in a doughnut and say it can go half a gigahertz with 6 volts even though it is designed around 5 volts?

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