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May 28, 2009

Lesser John

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I was looking through my zoo pictures and noticed the Lesser Kuduand the Lesser Flamingo6237 Lesser Kudu, Fort Worth Zoo, Tx 6235 Lesser Flamingo, Fort Worth Zoo, Tx.

I was thinking, it is fortunate that I wasn’t named by the same animal-naming biologist that these two were. It was bad enough going through childhood and some teenage known as Little John to distinguish me from my Dad who was also named John. In fact, we were named exactly the same … a tradition of the South … my Dad was the II and I was the III. It was a real drag being called little John. When I was two inches taller than my Dad I pointed this out and the “little” was dropped. Although, he could have pointed out that his waist size was considerably larger than mine. I named my firstborn son, Russell, breaking the longstanding tradition and drew quite a bit of controversy from the traditionalists in the extended family. My Dad had died before my Son was born so I didn’t have to disappoint him with not having a IV in the family.

How different my life would have been had I been named by unimaginative-thinking biologist … Lesser John. I’m sure I would have been a person with no ambition instead of the TV-watching couch-potato that I am today.

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