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February 8, 2011

I have a month’s worth of socks

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I noticed that I always use the front of the drawer to both retrieve and put back clean pairs. I thought how far back does this thing go … way back. So I decided that I would wash but not put back any pairs until I got to the end of the sock drawer … a place that I haven’t been in years.

As I neared a month I started to see the back of the drawer but still had plenty to go. Now I am to the end. I found old favorites that were as neglected as Rex the Dinosaur in Toy Story. Then there were hardly used ones whose elastic burst everywhere when I put them on leading me to believe that manufactures have built an “end of life” in their socks because men will never replace them unless they fall off their feet … kind of like boxers, huh … ‘cept you wear those ’round the waist … ‘cept for some gangs of guys, you know who you are.

By the end of the experiment, I had a sock pile as big as a garbage truck.

With this many socks (over 62 when not matched), it was a daunting task to separate and thrown some away. So in a typical fashion male fashion, I put them all back … all the way to the back of the sock drawer. I need to fashion a divider (out of cardboard?) so that when I put the washed ones back, I put them behind the divider so that I will end up using all of them each month … no favorites.

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